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Ella Coleman (Mozarella Ltd) is a London designer who works with large and small clients to produce bespoke materials - logo design, handmade cards, wedding invitations, workshop materials, PowerPoint design, London, Ella Coleman, Mozarella Limited, Mozarella Ltd, logos, handmade cards, wedding invitations, business cards, workshop materials

How I work...
When designing a new identity, I feel it is important to involve clients in the design process as this gives them a sense of ownership and ensures that the new identity really feels like their own. The client can determine how involved they would like to be. If they are happy to do so, I ask them to give me visual examples of anything they like – pictures, cards, packaging, other companies’ logos, etc. This gives me a sense of their style and the look and feel they would like to achieve. However, many clients prefer to give me a verbal brief, using keywords to describe what they are looking for, and leave it to me to turn it into a visual form. My first step is to come up with a selection of eight to ten initial design options. Clients can then eliminate the designs that don’t work for them. We then work together on refining any suitable designs. This is an opportunity to involve the client and is an opportunity to further clarify what the client is looking for. If none of the initial design options work I can go back to drawing board with with a clearer understanding of what the client is after.

Case study: Logo for the Dumfries Osteopathic Clinic The Dumfries Osteopathic Clinic needed a visual identity. The client wanted a neat and simple logo. He liked the idea of playing on the acronym ‘DOC’ and using these letters to create a visually-striking and recognisable icon. The client wanted to avoid using imagery of the spine as this is overused and implies a specific focus. He wanted the logo to convey knowledge and professionalism, and to represent ‘calm’ and ‘balance’. The client’s preferred colours were blue and green. The client had a good idea of the look and feel that he wanted to achieve with the logo but, like many, struggled to come up with visual examples. I started by creating a selection of ten designs. The client was happy with one of these and had a few suggested changes to tweak it to his liking. The final logo features in the clinic’s Yellow Pages advertisement and on the signage outside the clinic. To keep costs down, the client opted to create his own stationery, for which I supplied the necessary graphics files.