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Ella Coleman (Mozarella Ltd) is a London designer who works with large and small clients to produce bespoke materials - logo design, handmade cards, wedding invitations, workshop materials, PowerPoint design, London, Ella Coleman, Mozarella Limited, Mozarella Ltd, logos, handmade cards, wedding invitations, business cards, workshop materials

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Most of my clients work in PowerPoint and Word.  Both are powerful packages, and I always try to create materials in these packages so that my clients are able to edit their own documents.  I try to bridge the gap between Microsoft packages and the high-end design programmes that I use to create professional looking diagrams.  Incorporating sophisticated graphics and a consistent theme gives your documents and proposals an edge. 

Please get in touch if you wish to talk about how we can improve the look of your templates, proposals, diagrams, charts, etc.

Samples will be uploaded soon!