about me

Hello I’m Ella.  I have been freelancing as a graphic designer since 2005.   

I love working on PowerPoint presentations, icons, infographics, illustrations, digital books, events materials, logos, branding, and more.  I am happy to be involved as much or as little as you like – I can help you to convert your slides into a presentation that delivers the message in a succinct and striking way, and I can help you with sense-checking and proof-reading, or I can create a bespoke template with editable graphics, to enable you to create and deliver professional documents on your own.

I have been working remotely long before WFH was a thing, so I’m skilled at understanding my clients’ needs and getting us on the same page without ever properly meeting each other.

I am actually a total PowerPoint geek, which might disqualify me from being a
graphic designer. I love Word too.